Dear Church Family,


We certainly are living in challenging times. Our lives have changed several times in just the last week. Still, God is on His throne, and we are His people. I am so grateful we were able to meet together on Sunday, even if separated into two services and online. Unfortunately, that now is changing once again.


After yesterday’s announcements by the governor and president, our ministry staff met to develop a strategic plan for the next few weeks – something that can endure no matter what quarantines are put in place. That plan was approved by our deacons last night. Therefore, this is our strategic ministry plan until further notice:


  • All events and meetings at 901 Main Street for First Baptist Church Pineville are canceled until further notice. Our staff will continue to lead us in a new season of ministry and prepare for the time when we can all be together again. Our custodians will deep clean the entire church facility to make sure the campus is ready for everyone’s return.
  • Until we get to be together again, we will move to a full and expanded on-line ministry format. For several months, we have slowly been developing an iCampus. Now, our entire church has been forced to become an iCampus.
    • We will pst livestreams and other video content on three formats: our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, and our church website. The Facebook page and YouTube channel are already in place. The website feature should be added by the end of this week.  Yu can find us on Facebook of YouTube by searching for the church’s full name “First Baptist Church Pineville”. Be sure to “like” the church page and “subscribe” to the YouTube Channel.
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL: We believe it is vital that small group connection remain.
  • We encurage our SS classes to create Facebook groups or employ other on-line meeting services to host their Sunday School class at a time of their choice during the week. For those not familiar with such technology, we encourage the use of conference call format. Thomas Martin will be sending further information about all of this to our Sunday School leadership in the coming days.
  • We will als video at least one Sunday School lesson and post to the three format locations. Harry Ingalls has agreed to do that. If any of our other Sunday School leaders would like to do so as well, please let me know.
  • Small grups of less than 10 may get together in homes or at the church if those attending are comfortable and practice social distancing. If you would like to meet at the church, please schedule that with the church office.
  • SUNDAY WORSHIP: A weekly virtual wrship experience will be provided. We will livestream a full service on Sundays at our regular time of 10:15 a.m. on all three formats: Facebook, YouTube, and the church website. We hope you will join us as well as like and share the service on your own pages.
  • Beginning next week, I will prvide a Wednesday evening Bible study at 6:00 p.m. across all media formats.
  • Zach Fleming will livestream a Bible study fr the students on the youth Facebook page beginning tomorrow.
  • A daily printed Fcus Point will be provided Sunday through Friday Mornings via Facebook, Instagram, and email. If you are not already receiving our regular church emails, please follow this link ( and sign up.
  • The weekly prayer list will be updated and emailed weekly.
  • Our deacns will be reaching out to their families weekly and our Sunday School leaders will be touching base with their classes weekly.
  • On Mndays and Fridays at 12:30 p.m. we will go live with a new segment called “Beyond 901 Main.” This program will be livestreamed across all formats. The format will include:
      • Follow-up to Sunday’s message on Monday
      • Preparation for Sunday’s message on Friday
      • Live prayer requests, testimonials, etc.
  • Bth Zach and Kimberly are developing strategies to connect with their ministry groups. You will be hearing from them this week
  • Thrugh last Sunday, we were doing really well in our giving for this year, but times have changed quickly. The reality is that the ministry expenses continue. As always you may give on-line through our church website or you may mail in your offerings.
  • There are ging to be all kinds of ways to do ministry in the coming days. If you see needs, please let us know – or, better yet, meet them yourself and let us know about it so we can celebrate it! Be creative.


On Sunday, I shared that we needed to RAMP Up as we go through this pandemic.

  • Respnd – we’re ding that.
  • Adjust –just a bit! They dn’t teach you this in seminary!
  • Mve forward – we’re pushing frward in some amazing new ministries
  • Pray – this is vital. Please jin me in fasting and praying through this time. Pray for two things: (1) the virus to end and (2) awakening to come. I’m excited to see how God will use this pandemic to turn people back to Him.


Pray big! Be the church! And don’t you know we’ll have a huge day when we all finally get to be back together again!