Smell the Fresh Bread!

Focal Text: John 6:25-59

My school bus route during elementary and junior high school went right by the former Holsum Bread Bakery in Alexandria. When we would drive by the bakery with the bus windows down, we could smell the wonderful aroma of baking bread. It became tradition at that point in our bus route for everyone to say, “Smell the fresh bread, man!” All of us on the bus would take in a deep breath. It was so good!

A bread is available that is far more satisfying than what that bakery could produce. It is the Bread of Life! In John 6:25-59, Jesus makes his first of seven “I Am” statements in the gospel – “I Am the Bread of Life.”

The Bread of Life is better than any physical bread. Physical food perishes, but the eternal Bread of Life never perishes!

In the last several years, many people have found they are allergic to gluten. Those suffering from that allergy have to stay away from bread, but oh how they still want it!  The internet is filled with recipes for gluten free bread. We’ll settle for some inferior substitute just to get close to bread as we can!

Thankfully, when it comes to spiritual bread, no one is gluten free. No one has to settle for inferior and nasty substitutes. You and I can have the Bread of Life.

Take a good long breath of the Bread of Life. Can you smell it? Savor the aroma.  But don’t stop there. Take and eat.

Yesterday’s Focus Points were as follows:

  1. As the Bread of Life, Jesus offers complete satisfaction.
  2. As the Bread of Life, Jesus offers divine sustenance.  

You can listen to yesterday’s service HERE.