In May of 2022, FBC Pineville adopted FBC Lecompte, Pastor Stewart Holloway’s home church, and became one church in two locations. With the adoption, the reach of FBC Pineville extended significantly in Central Louisiana.

FBC Lecompte’s history crosses the path of FBC Pineville in at least two significant ways. First, the two churches were both founded by E.O. Ware (Lecompte in 1888 and Pineville in 1911). Second, when Trinity Baptist Church of Lecompte split from FBC Lecompte in 1957, Dr. T.W. Gayer, a retired pastor of FBC Pineville, became their first pastor.  

With excellent and large facilities located on Hwy. 112 near both Hwy. 71 (.8 miles) and I-49 (1.8 miles), the Lecompte campus is perfectly positioned to reach South Rapides Parish for Christ. Over 10,600 people live within a ten-mile radius of the Lecompte campus. We look forward to welcoming these people into a relationship with Christ and our church!


Come join us!

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Worship 9:15 a.m.

Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

There’s no better place for people of all ages to connect to a church than small group Bible study in Sunday School. We have a place for you and your family!

Bed Babies         Preschool Suite

Toddlers              Preschool Suite

Pre School 1 (3 & 4yrs)                 Preschool Suite

Pre School 2  (5 yrs)        Preschool Suite

Grades 1-3  Building A

Grades 4-6  Building A

Youth (Grades 7-12) Building B

Adult I  (20's)    Building C

Adult II  (30's and 40's) Building C

Adult III  (Mixed Ages)    Building C

Adult IV (50's +) Building C

Senior Adult Men  Building C

Senior Adult Women Building C