This fundraiser will go towards our Children and Youth camps this summer! Tickets will go on sale Sunday, February 24 through Sunday, March 24th. 

Menu: Sausage Po'Boy 

           Alabama BBQ Sauce (will be on the side) 

          Smothered Onions (will be on the side)

          Bag of Chips

          Bottle of Water

          Homemade dessert (brownie, cookies, pound cake)

Cost: $6.00*

Plates will be ready for pickup or eating in at the church by 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 31st. We will also deliver to places of business that have 10 or more plates purchased.

If you are a parent of a Child in 3rd-6th graders or a Youth parent, we will need your help to make pound cakes, cookies, brownies. We will also need your help to assemble plates and deliver plates to the community. 

*Each student that sells plates for this fundraiser will receive the proceeds from the plates they sold.