Adult Sunday School Groups

Young Adults Ages: 20-30

This active group of adults in their twenties study God’s Word for wisdom in career and life decisions.

College - Room 213 - John Dempsey

Career - Room 212-C - Ronnie Aycock


Contemporary Adults Ages: 30-45

A ministry-minded group of married and single adults whose children range from newborns to junior high.

Married - Room 212-A - Thomas & Adrienne Martin

Ladies - Room 212-E - Ellen Briggs, Rebecca Holloway

Married - Room 212-F - Morgan Redmon, Brandon Lacoy


STAR Department Ages:40-55

An active group of married and single adults who seek to Serve, Teach and Reach people who have children from older elementary through college.

Ladies - Room 210 - Becky Prestridge, Karen Stafford, Elizabeth Hilburn

Men -  Room 209 - John Marcase

Mixed - Room 208 - Fred & Denyse Holt

Mixed - Room 207 - Chris & April Roller


In the Word Cross-Generational

This group spends time in song, prayer and the Word to grow deeper in their faith and closer to God.

In the Word (Ladies) - Room 303 - Sue Miller


Median Ages: 60-70

This group of people care for one anther while they are growing in their knowledge and understanding of God and His love.

Ladies - Room 112-B - Martha Jenkins

Men 1 - Room 112-E - David Bates, Jr.

Men 2 - Room 112-D - Jan Tullos

Open - Room 112-A  - Kent Willet


Venturers (Roger Wise, Dir.) Ages: 60-75

This group varies in ages from retirees to parents of pre-teens and has a varied collection of backgrounds, interests, and hobbies. What they share is a common belief that each person is in need of God's guidance. 

Mixed 1 - Room 112-F - Harry Ingalls

Mixed 2 - Room 112-C - Hershel & Jenny Corley


Mature Adults Ages: 70+

An active group of empty nesters studies the Bible together so they can pass their faith down to their children and grandchildren.

Mixed - Room 211-B - Jack Brossette

Love 1 (Ladies) - Room 211-F - Debbie Wilks, Madeline Coby

Grace (Ladies) - Room 211-E - Linda Canady

Love 3 (Ladies) - Room 211-D - Kathy Holloway

Bible Warriors (Men) - Room 211-C - Mike Canady


Chapel (Dave Perry & Cynthia Woodward, Dir.) Ages: 75+

An amazing group of believers share their faith not only with their children and grandchildren, but also with their great-grandchildren.

Sunshine (Ladies) - Room 111-A - Barbara Floyd

Doers - Room 111-D - Ed Boniol

Faithful Seekers (Ladies) - Room 111-E - Lennie Westbrook

Hope (Ladies) - Room 111-F - Gloria Hearn, Judi Kent



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